“When I think of what we want our kids to learn and the lessons we want for them to grow……I think of these men and all they are teaching our children. They teach our children self defense, self control, patience, discipline, confidence, and how to just be good people. They are leading our youth to be leaders and good people in this world.

Christi and Tom Williams

“Matthew and Brackett have changed the way our son sees the world. Discipline, hard work, and a positive attitude are taught every day. They taught him that it’s OK to lose, as long as you learn and don’t give up.”

Nick and Renee Watson

“I have been blessed enough to be taught so many lessons by these two men. Both in the martial arts world as well as outside of it. From the first time I met them to now I have yet to see their love and passion for martial arts and their students waiver. They are both so dedicated to their students and treat us all like family. There is not a recommendation high enough that I could give them. They are a worthy investment.” -Julia B.