Joshua Barker and Logan Porter are the two awesome instructors you will train with in the Dojo.


family business

The story of Hub City Martial arts began a few miles away in Levelland TX in the mid 80s, actually it was earlier than that… Rosie Barker began training in American Kenpo Karate under her instructor Sharkey LeCroy. She was 15 and already a fierce, albeit tiny force to be reckoned with. She spent her formative years learning to fight and teaching karate. She became a mother and her small family grew up in the karate school right beside her. In 1989, fate, destiny or chance sent Rosie and her kids, Joshua and Jessica, to San Diego California to build a new life.

There she partnered with her then husband, Barry Barker to establish one of the most successful martial arts centers in San Diego: Poway Martial Arts and Fitness.  Joshua and Jessica grew up along with their baby brother Jordan in the karate school, in the boxing ring and on the grappling mat.  They spent their younger years competing in karate tournaments, performing at demonstrations, teaching karate and helping to support the family business.  In October of 2014 the business celebrated 30 years of success! In 2008 Rosie or “Ms. B” as she came to be known, wanted to return to her roots so she picked up and moved back to West Texas where she founded the Lubbock Boxing Club.

Joshua joined her after some years and became the head coach of the competitive fight team. Jessica mothered three of her own children before moving across the country to Washington DC.  There she trained in Shaolin Kempo under the instruction of Master Chris Santillo. After finding herself “back home” in Lubbock, Jessica partnered with her brother Joshua and together they decided it was time to share with the world all the things they had learned in the martial arts.  Literally growing up in a karate school gave Joshua and Jessica a unique perspective on fighting styles, the concept of self-defense and of martial arts mastery. In the summer of 2017 Hub City Martial Arts was born.  

Fast forward to 2018. Logan Porter had already been training at The Lubbock Boxing Club for over a year, and had previous training in MMA, Kickboxing, and Tae Kwon Do for years before that. Logan also has 3 Nationally Accredited Personal Training certifications and has over 10 years experience in Personal Training. His knowledge lies in body weight military style PT, Sealfit, Powerlifting, general weight-training, and distance running. He has competed in numerous half-marathons, USA Boxing competitions, and trains every single day like his life depends on it.  Logan met Josh at the Lubbock Boxing Club, and after many conversations about what it would take to create a full spectrum training program for martial artists and athletes, they decided they would combine their knowledge to create a system to cover all the bases for their students. Now, through their combined master mind approach, they have leveled up and designed an approach to teach critical thinking, scientific based athletic programs, and superior martial arts techniques to a new generation of students.